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Our Solutions

Here at Greenleaf Ireland we create and offer innovative solutions to make your landscapes a success. Designed with the long term in mind, our products will help you establish the future urban landscape.
Your choices today will shape the cities and landscapes of tomorrow!

Urban Tree Solutions

Trees are forestry plants. The urban environment is far removed from the habitat they prefer. By protecting them above and below ground, managing and providing for their delicate root systems, we can recreate the optimum conditions required for trees to establish. Their success in investment below ground, will manifest in their canopy above ground over time.

SUDs Solutions

Sustainable drainage systems are designed to manage stormwater runoff from urban environments to prevent flooding, erosion and infrastructure damage.

By aligning modern drainage systems with rainfall calculations and specialist planting methods, we can contribute to a greener infrastructure strategy that relieves the stress off sewer networks and returns biodiversity to the urban landscape.

Landscape Solutions

Balancing design and functionality is the challenge facing every architect and landscaper tasked with creating unique outdoor areas. Our comprehensive range of landscape products will give your projects a definitive appeal that will connect both people and nature.

Engineering Solutions

The great outdoors presents many challenges when trying to tame or harness the elements of nature. Our developing range of products provide specialist solutions to problems encountered on a regular basis.

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