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Multifunctional SuDS tree surround

GreenBlue Urban’s compact SuDS tree pit surround, StormFormTM – part of the ArborFlow family – has been developed as an effective means of managing surface water run-off through tree pits. Ideal for use in urban areas where space is at a premium, StormFormTM handles extreme rainfall events in urban areas with ease.

With super-fast flow-through rates and large storage capacity, StormFormTM is perfect for attenuating peak flows during the most extreme storm events and directing the water right into the tree pit where pollution and further capacity storage is available.

StormFormTM is an ingenious multi-functional system combining stormwater capture and storage, silt/debris capture, root control, primary irrigation and tree grille all on one easy-to-assemble, robust unit.


  • Compact, multi-functional unit easy to specify & install
  • Attenuates peak water flow rates in extreme rain events
  • Non-blocking / easy access inlet grate
  • Directs roots downwards
  • Prevents soil compaction around rootball
  • Supports tree grille securely


  • Manufactured from recycled materials
  • Galvanised steel gulley and grating
  • Integral easy access silt/debris trap
  • Range of integral tree grilles available
  • Internal ribs for root control
  • Integral primary tree irrigation system
  • Integral water level indicator
  • Stainless steel fixings


Product CodesDescriptionNominal sizeWater storageFlow rate
SF100AStormFormTM 100 Series SUDs System1000mm x 1000mm202 ltrs10,000 ltrs/hr
SF200AStormFormTM 200 Series SUDs System1750mm x 1000mm293 ltrs15,000 ltrs/hr
SF300AStormFormTM 300 Series SUDs System1750mm x 1750mm384 ltrs19,000 ltrs/hr



MaterialsAccessoriesBespoke optionsMaintenance
·       Trough: Recycled HDPE

·       Gulley/Grating: Galvanised Steel

·       Tree Grille: Galvanised Steel and Precast Arboresin

·       Fixings: Stainless Steel

·       Spare joining brackets & fixings pack

·       Corner section c/w all components

·       Side section c/w all components

·       Mastic


Gulley gratings can be designed and manufactured to order to match existing aesthetics / architectural designs

Gulley gratings can be manufactured in different metals, e.g. bronze, stainless steel; or powder coated in any colour

Larger configurations can be created from individual components, or installed in linear applications

6 monthly inspection – cleaning out debris and silt as required
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