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ReLuminate Off-Grid Lighting

Standalone Off-Grid Streetlight

GreenBlue Urban is delighted to introduce the Standalone Off-Grid Streetlight. Combining solar and wind power to provide the most effective Off-Grid light system on the market, users can be confident in energy availability all year round. This highly engineered product is solid and durable enough for the most demanding circumstances, both the structural pole and all the electronic components and technology throughout.

As completely Off-Grid, this provides a true zero-carbon solution, not only eliminating any use of grid energy but also eliminating the expense and inconvenience of power infrastructure installations. With a low cost to purchase and install, and zero maintenance costs, going Off-Grid means it will quickly pay for itself.


  • Assured up time lighting
  • MPPT solar and wind controllers for maximum efficiency
  • 24V feed
  • High-capacity battery with > 3 days backup charge assured
  • Full battery management system BMS
  • Structurally assured pole for street applications


  • Vertically oriented and 360O deployed Solar PV Panels
  • 480w peak output wind turbine
  • Highly engineered components
  • Efficient battery technology
  • Highly functional programming controller system
  • Vandal resistant Solar PV Panel and luminaire housing
  • High output LED optics


Product CodesDescription
OGSLSAOffGrid Streetlight Standard
OGSLRAOffGrid Streetlight Relocatable
OGSLDCAOffGrid Streetlight Data Connectivity


Solar PV PanelsWind TurbineLuminaireBatteryProgrammable controller


Relative efficiency at low light 97.3%

Si Polycrystalline, Producing 95.4W

0.4% annual degradation

Up to 300w PH peak output

3mtr/sec cut-in speed

ProVision ID 12v

16W 183 lumens per watt (Total 3000 lumen)

PMMA polarised optic


192kWh usable energy

95% Round Trip Efficiency

Li-ion technology

1% annual degradation

3 day power back up


99% efficiency

Programmable timing function

Stepped control

Auto turbine cut-off

Battery safety cut-off


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