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Strata Cell

StrataCell structural soil cell was built upon successful trials aimed at reducing installation and transport costs and improving the module’s structural capacity.

Built to advanced engineering specifications to support greater vertical loads, StrataCell brings tree-root systems closer to pavement surfaces. Engineers have calculated that with only 300mm of granular pavement depth, a StrataCell matrix can support maximum pedestrian and sidewalk traffic loads.

With vertical and lateral forces also considered in the engineering make-up of tree pits, StrataCell’s well-designed matrix units lock together well, forming a monolithic framework with excellent modular strength.

Highly secure connectors allow StrataCells connected fast and simply. Its open skeletal structure provides an enormous growth zone for delicate root systems and for storm water harvesting.

Providing an excess of 94% soil by volume, StrataCell tree pits are distinctly more advantageous, providing optimum conditions for trees to live and flourish.

Generous specifications permit common conduits, service pipes and aeration mechanisms to be incorporated into the structure’s design.


  • Designed to support enormous vertical as well as lateral loads
  • Excellent modular strength
  • Integrated matrix means modules are simple and fast to click together
  • In excess of 94% of total soil volume is available for tree-root growth
  • Generously designed apertures permit common conduits, service pipes and aeration systems
  • Significant volume reduction for freight and lower transport costs
  • Made from 100% post-industrial waste material


  • Single component system
  • 94% soil by volume
  • Tool-less click together assembly
  • Industry leading load bearing capacity
  • Inter-stacking design for storage and transport efficiency


Material100% recycled HDPE
Manufacture locationInjection moulded in UK


Code LengthWidthHeightULC*
GLSCM30A30 Series500mm500mm250mm260 kPa
GLSCM60A60 Series500mm500mm250mm550 kPa

*subject to paving build up / layerworks depths, materials and construction methods

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