ReRoot is a linear ribbed root barrier designed for applications where is it not necessary to deflect tree root systems too deeply.  This high density root barrier is supplied in 300mm, 600mm & 1000mm rolls.  The root barrier will deflect the growing roots downward sufficiently to protect a standard pedestrian kerbline from surface rooting. root system means greater drought tolerance and improved tree stability


ReRoot directs roots down and away from the surface, to keep roots in intended rooting zones and away from paved surfaces and utilities. They can be used to surround individual trees or groups of trees, and are also used as an interlock when joining roll ends. Using ReRoot prevents the establishment of shallow roots beneath paving, which could disrupt the paved surface in later years. ReRoot also encourages roots to a deeper more moist soil profile to support drought tolerance. Many local authorities now state in their planning policy that trees planted within 10ft of a hardscape surface that will be adopted by the council must be lined with a root barrier. This protects the pavement in the long term and the trees’ root systems in the event of pavement excavation.


  • Deeper root system means greater drought tolerance and improved tree stability
  • Deeper root system is not vulnerable to de-icing salts, used extensively on sidewalks
  • Protects pedestrian curbs from root heave
  • Can be retro-fitted around recently planted trees
  • Protects tree when pavement re-instatement works are carried out
  • Easy to install, no specialist equipment needed
  • Ribbed construction prevents root swirl and directs roots downward and outward
  • Flexible design allows the barrier to curve around obstacles but is rigid enough to hold its form when backfilling
  • ReRoot jointing tape will ensure root-proof joints

ReRoot 2000

ReRoot 2000 is a high strength smooth root barrier for deeper applications. It has been used extensively on many projects around the world, particularly in new service infrastructure projects, business parks and housing developments.


ReRoot 2000 is for protecting building foundations and underground utilities from tree root growth. It’s a strong and flexible flat sheet material that is an excellent way of helping trees to establish roots in preferred zones. It is used widely around the world and comes in many different roll widths. ReRoot 2000 root barrier is rigid enough to hold its form when placed into a trench. This is a big advantage as it will not be dragged downward during backfilling. Market leading puncture resistance and strength mean that this is the root barrier of choice for specifiers and utility companies requiring root free service corridors. The high puncture resistance of ReRoot 2000 root barrier allows easier compaction close to the barrier ensuring an excellent product/soil interface.


  • Resistant to puncture by sharp objects or tearing as a result of soil movement
  • Durable and resistant to biodegradation and photo-degradation
  • Fast and easy to install – GreenBlue supplies exactly the length which you require, so you’ve no wastage
  • Available in 1.0mm and 2.0mm thicknesses
  • Effective in the control of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive plants
  • Fulfills all Arboricultural Advisory and Information Service guidelines for root barriers
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled material


RootForm is a root barrier management product for guiding roots to deeper profiles. The hollow sections are designed to be filled in situ with a concrete or similar structural fill material giving very high strength. Strength can be further increased by incorporating steel reinforcing within the concrete infill.

The product once installed is ideally suited to carpark and other road situations where granular road base material is to be used alongside the tree pit.

Greenleaf recommend that this root barrier product is used with a load bearing soil structure at its base such as RootSpace or Stratacell.


Modular construction gives flexibility on tree pit opening dimensions. 300mm and 500mm standard sections allow for 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 openings and beyond, giving the designer scope to create optimal opening size for the tree species selected, and the space available.


  • Prevents root heave in surrounding surfaces
  • Deep root growth
  • Tree stability
  • Tree drought tolerance
  • Concrete haunch
  • Prevents root swirl
  • Fast installation
  • Arborsystem compatible
  • Recycled plastic, made in UK

Root Director

Robustly root barrier constructed from recycled plastic, RootDirector comes in a number of sizes to suit different tree species and situations. Effective and easy to install, RootDirectors encourage deeper rooting patterns by diverting early root growth downward and outward to eliminate surface paving heave and encourage drought tolerance.


The RootDirector protects pavements and hard landscaped areas, and prevents root swirl by directing early root growth downward and outward, thus avoiding the unsightly and hazardous root damage so commonly seen in urban areas. The RootDirector’s rigid, one-piece construction makes installation simple, and as a product within the ArborSystem range, it is compatible with the RootRain irrigation system, load bearing soil cells, and our extensive tree grates and guards.


  • Protection for paved surrounds
  • Encourages deep root growth
  • Improved drought tolerance
  • Greatly enhanced tree stability
  • Integral ribbed construction which prevents root swirl
  • Optional irrigation facility
  • Compatible with all ArborSystem products
  • Simple to install
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic

Derry Tree Planting

The beautification of the ‘city of culture’ was a huge public realm scheme in the heart of Londonderry. With its origins as a settlement in an Oak Grove it is fitting that upgrades to the centre of Derry (Londonderry) have recognised the importance of long term planning for healthy trees.

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