Perimeta products can all be used to create living partitions, raised planting areas and urban tree planters which visually enhance the urban environment whilst improving air quality, reducing heat emissions from buildings and creating effective screening of unsightly urban structures and developments. Perimeta products have been carefully researched and

developed to ensure that only the highest quality materials and components are used. At Perimeta, we also recognise the importance of providing products that are easy to use and install and that they provide quality benefits to the environment and landscape that they become part of. We operate on a principle of continuous improvement which means we never stop looking at

ways in which our products can be enhanced. Perimeta Green Structures and Planters is a brand of Kinley Systems Limited.

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Insitu Flower Towers are used in cities worldwide to create impressive floral displays. Polyurethane bollards combine the high strength of steel with moulding versatility and weathering performance.

Greenleaf Ireland supply a range of high quality street furnishings to enhance the image of your designs and urban areas.

Flower Towers and mobi walls can be used to create stunning seasonal floral displays with extra wow factor, reduced watering frequency, low maintenance and long service life = excellent long term investment.

Our polyurethane bollards use chemicals derived from renewable and locally sourced rapeseed oil to produce a low maintenance bollard that can be finished to your specification. Better for the planet and your budget.

Other products in our range include:

  • Polyurethane Post and Rail
  • Stainless steel, mild steel and wooden bollards
  • Tactile and anti skate studs
  • Bespoke Products

Derry Tree Planting

The beautification of the ‘city of culture’ was a huge public realm scheme in the heart of Londonderry. With its origins as a settlement in an Oak Grove it is fitting that upgrades to the centre of Derry (Londonderry) have recognised the importance of long term planning for healthy trees.

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