The ArborGuy tree guying system has many advantages over traditional staking and is suitable for large root-balled trees. Discreet and effective, this underground guying system holds the root ball in position by driving three tree guying anchors into the base of the tree pit and then fastening a ratchet strap. These ‘drive-in’ anchor systems allow natural trunk movement for the tree, helping the formation of a strong trunk structure.


The ArborGuy ‘deadman’ tree guying system is ideal where there is a risk of underground utilities in the immediate vicinity of the tree pit. As shown in the diagram, deadman anchors (heavy timber or metal base plate) are placed in the base of the tree pit in a triangle shape to secure the wires to. For each of the three cables, loop the D ring end of each cable through the wire loop on the opposite end to create a slip knot noose. This noose is then positioned over the end of each of the three deadman anchors and tensioned up in the center. Once this has been done in the center of each of the deadmen (three times), the nylon webbing passes through the small loop on the end of each cable and is ratcheted up tight over the top of the root ball.


  • Suitable for trees in both urban hardscape and parkland softscape environments.
  • A safer, more effective, and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to tree staking.
  • Large range of specialized installation tools available.
  • Tree guying straps will not cut the root ball – no mats or timber required.
  • Guy anchors are available in both composite and metal options


Part of the ArborGuy tree anchoring system. The new AnchorPlate has many advantages over traditional staking and is suitable for large root-balled trees. Very discreet and effective means of guying – provides a complete package – no further parts are required.


Three high strength steel anchor wires. Single piece anchor strap for fast installation. Fully complements our ArborSystem packages.


  • Out of sight anchoring
  • Strapping will not cut into the rootball
  • Low profile anchor eliminates further excavation
  • Complete package – no extras
  • Wire assembly safe working load 500kg
  • Wire BSEN12385-4, BSEN13411-1,2,3, BSEN13414-1
  • Straps Manufactured to EN12195-2

Tree Ties

Greenleaf Ireland stock a range of tree tie products to suit a variety of applications.


When selecting a method and the material for tree tying the following factors should be considered

  • Size of the tree
  • Location
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Likely wind loading and other environmental considerations
  • Durability & cost
  • Vandalism
  • Aesthetic appearance


NatureTie is used similarly to other tree tie materials, but without the need of a spacer between the tree and the stake. The spacer can be formed by the material itself. This product has many advantages over plastic and rubber, as it will not strangle the tree as the tree grows and will gradually biodegrade as the tree establishes its own roots for anchorage .


An alternative for small trees is to specify our biodegradable NatureTie tree tie. Made from hessian, which will break down naturally over time as the tree establishes its own anchorage. In exposed areas, it may be necessary to retie trees during the maintenance period.


  • 100% natural material, environmentally friendly from sustainable sources.
  • Strong, versatile and fast to install.
  • Very cost effective for large tree planting/forestry schemes.
  • Will not strangle the tree, and biodegrades within 2 to 3 years (once tree is established)
  • Reduces maintenance costs.

Derry Tree Planting

The beautification of the ‘city of culture’ was a huge public realm scheme in the heart of Londonderry. With its origins as a settlement in an Oak Grove it is fitting that upgrades to the centre of Derry (Londonderry) have recognised the importance of long term planning for healthy trees.

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