Our surface stabilisation products enable you to create natural looking turf and gravel surfaces that are fully functional and trafficable. These naturally porous surfaces can make a valuable contribution to any SUDs scheme. Combine them with our landscape edgings for a superb effect.



A unique concept in gravel stabilisation Gravelrings create a SUDS compliant sustainable paving system

Loose aggregate surfacing is a highly popular and cost effective method of creating an attractive hard landscape finish to paths, driveways and parking areas.

The porous nature of loose aggregate or ‘gravel’ makes a valuable contribution to a SUDS scheme as well as being lower cost than bound gravels or other porous hard landscape surfaces.

The issues with loose gravels are well known: gravel migration and rutting, difficulty in walking, cycling, or pushing small wheeled vehicles have all been key challenges for using gravel in many locations.

Why stabilised gravel surfacing?

Stabilised Gravel Surfacing provides a fully porous, natural alternative to resin bound, block paving, asphalt or other hard landscape surfaces. The principal benefits of stabilised gravel have become increasingly valued, as emphasis on sustainable urban drainage (SUDS), cost effective surfacing methods and maximum recyclability have all become major considerations in modern construction. Using loose aggregate within a stabilisation panel makes a highly cost effective hard landscape surface that is aesthetically pleasing, very fast to install and easy to maintain



Turf reinforcement module for porous vehicular surfaces

Why Grassrings?

Grassrings is a 100% recycled injected moulded structural grid system used to stabilise and reinforce grass. This system will prevent compaction of the root zone resulting in a grass trafficable surface.

Studies show that compaction of the top 30mm of soil underneath grass must be prevented. If this layer becomes compacted, grass roots are unable to obtain necessary oxygen, moisture and nutrients from the soil causing the grass to suffocate and die. Grassrings will prevent this compaction.


  • Open grid provides
  • over 90% root development area and 100% grass cover.
  • Grid is flexible – will follow undulations.
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled chemical resistant UV stabilised impact resistant polymer.
  • Supplied in 500mm x 500mm or 1000mm x 1000mm clip together panels.
  • Curves can be laid with minimum wastage as joints can be staggered and panels easily cut to follow borders.
  • Grass roots can grow laterally between the rings without hindrance.

Derry Tree Planting

The beautification of the ‘city of culture’ was a huge public realm scheme in the heart of Londonderry. With its origins as a settlement in an Oak Grove it is fitting that upgrades to the centre of Derry (Londonderry) have recognised the importance of long term planning for healthy trees.

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